Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reduce Your Bill

well i got some tips from my friend since my first involvement in this "bikin2 kete" and one of them is..

"kau cari sendiri barang2, nanti hantar workshop
suh diorg pasang, bayar workmanship je..."

it seems to be the best option since i saved hundreds and may even thousands on the workmanship. it is extremely such a great experience for me as i began to learn many 'things' about car, technically i mean.

well, feel happy to share! haha...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Insurance Claim on MCIS Zurich

documents need to be submitted to the insurance company for the claim. i have filed the total of RM 6643.98 for the losses. it is based on repair cost assessed by ALFA Adjusters including the adjuster fee, documents fee and compensation for assessed repair time.

here's a part of the letter;

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

VTEC LEV engine oil

it was recommended by a friend of mine few months ago and it seems to be the perfect engine oil for the turbo. it has higher viscosity than any other semi synthetic oil which is 15W-40, suitable for those cars which having 'tepet' problem - it manage to reduce the noise!

Toyota 4agze Supercharger Pistons

it's not only the matter of piston rings, 3 out of 4 of the pistons are crack! wow! it's really made me surprised! how the hell did the pistons crack?

2 logical reasons led to this problem;

1. over-boost
- for standard gsr, max boost is 0.8bar

2. insufficient/no engine oil
- insufficient engine oil will results extreme temperature inside the engine block which will cause the piston failure

but luckily, the cracked pistons didnt cause any damage to the cylinders. it helped me saves another thousand you know! haha

toyota 4agze supercharger piston
-with ceramic-coated on top of the piston head

the receipts (pistons, machine shop, labour)

The Overhaul

sounds creepy huh??

yeah it did happen to me as soon as i arrived at puchong from kuantan. the blue-coloured smoke from the muffler explained it all, it surely must be done. damn it!

no wonder the spark plugs are easily burnt since the broken piston rings let the engine oil to be burnt together with the mixture of petrol and air during the internal combustion. this will result the blue-coloured smoke.

here's the pictures!

It's not the same car

the repair cost really didn't match the quality of the workmanship.


a word which could best describes the workmanship....urghh!

Repair Works

hey guys, well it's been a while since the accident i guess...hehe

i'd love to share pictures of my car after the accident even though it's quite a long time ago, but please, have a look!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

a phone call

i got my sony ericsson w910i vibrating in my left pocket of blue black hugo boss jeans during expository writing class instructed by mr. azwin arif just now. i didnt recognize the 9-digit number which could came from anyone but i still got that phone call answered outside the class.

hello, sape ni?

veni la..your car dah siap, bila nak amik?

oh ingat sape tadi, em ok la...then how much ek?


ok thanks, i amik this friday ok.

the 3 minutes conversation ended with a relief smile on my face. finally i'm done waiting.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

one peaceful evening i guess

the conversation below took place at L20, room no.3

"borink ah wey, jom jalan2 jom! pusing2 ump ke, beli2 barang ke?"

the key was at the ignition as i started the engine. my friend maje then got into the car and sat at the passenger seat.


switching the gear, i drove slowly, maintaining the speed at 30km/h as the police traffic and JPJ were everywhere inside the campus territory. haha...so long pak guard! as i drove past the pondok jaga at the entrance.

entering the main road, i pushed the oil paddle harder and we were getting faster as the speedometer showed rapidly increase in the rpm. it was actually a self-enjoyment of driving such a turbocharged car.

5 minutes later i arrived at the point which was the reason why this entry is written. by looking to the back mirror i've noticed a nissan car, maybe, drafting me closely at high-speed. i didn't gave him a way as there were too many vehicles on the left lane and instead, i drove faster. speeding at about 100km/h at the right lane, then suddenly a lorry got into my lane without any sign of signal.

the brake paddle was harshly pushed by my insured right foot (haha) but it wasn't help much as the front tyres slipped and it got my car dragged by the lorry for about 20meters. thank God there were no any injury and it just my car, which end up badly. i cannot think of any single thing at that moment, i just got off of my car and followed by maje shortly. car..

a few cars which witnessed the incident stopped to see what happened. i dont talk much but it was crystal that it wasn't my fault, it's the lorry's. i kept saying fuck, fuck, fuck and fuck by looking to the left side of my car. the good year f1 eagle tyre, driveshaft, gsr original lower arm, made in japan front kyb absorber, signal light, fender, hood and the doors were all crack, ripped apart and bent crooked. remembering back those days i spent watching my car being serviced during last semester break, i felt it such a futile. oh God what a great loss!

police report has to be made since i hold etiqa third-party insurance which didn't covers the damages. by doing so, i could claim some bucks for the damages. i spent 3hours until all the procedures were done regarding the accident. my car was towed to padang lalang, an area which you can find hundreds of workshop there. after all, i'm finally back home. well it felt just like you are losing something big you know, in bahasa we called it 'patah kaki'. it's some kind of pretty hard at first but as time goes by, i got immuned. just let the mechanic do his job huh!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Searching for a Proton Wira

driving a Proton Saga, a liquid orange version year 1989 was a memory as i am determined on looking for a new car, other newer car actually.

"jangan bawak laju-laju, kereta tu kereta lama"

as quoting my mom's advice every time i got to be back at campus, dad told me to find another 2nd hand vehicle, a newer than my proton saga for sure.

browsing through the internet for months, someday and somehow, i found one at mudah.com.my proton wira gsr 1.8 for sale, complete with the turbo kit..it cheered me up. contact has been made but i let my father handle it for negotiating the price.

a few weeks later, i got a phone call.

"bishrul boleh ambil kereta di rumah, abah dah bawak balik"

and of course, i smiled.

"terima kasih"