Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Searching for a Proton Wira

driving a Proton Saga, a liquid orange version year 1989 was a memory as i am determined on looking for a new car, other newer car actually.

"jangan bawak laju-laju, kereta tu kereta lama"

as quoting my mom's advice every time i got to be back at campus, dad told me to find another 2nd hand vehicle, a newer than my proton saga for sure.

browsing through the internet for months, someday and somehow, i found one at proton wira gsr 1.8 for sale, complete with the turbo cheered me up. contact has been made but i let my father handle it for negotiating the price.

a few weeks later, i got a phone call.

"bishrul boleh ambil kereta di rumah, abah dah bawak balik"

and of course, i smiled.

"terima kasih"