Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reduce Your Bill

well i got some tips from my friend since my first involvement in this "bikin2 kete" and one of them is..

"kau cari sendiri barang2, nanti hantar workshop
suh diorg pasang, bayar workmanship je..."

it seems to be the best option since i saved hundreds and may even thousands on the workmanship. it is extremely such a great experience for me as i began to learn many 'things' about car, technically i mean.

well, feel happy to share! haha...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Insurance Claim on MCIS Zurich

documents need to be submitted to the insurance company for the claim. i have filed the total of RM 6643.98 for the losses. it is based on repair cost assessed by ALFA Adjusters including the adjuster fee, documents fee and compensation for assessed repair time.

here's a part of the letter;

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

VTEC LEV engine oil

it was recommended by a friend of mine few months ago and it seems to be the perfect engine oil for the turbo. it has higher viscosity than any other semi synthetic oil which is 15W-40, suitable for those cars which having 'tepet' problem - it manage to reduce the noise!

Toyota 4agze Supercharger Pistons

it's not only the matter of piston rings, 3 out of 4 of the pistons are crack! wow! it's really made me surprised! how the hell did the pistons crack?

2 logical reasons led to this problem;

1. over-boost
- for standard gsr, max boost is 0.8bar

2. insufficient/no engine oil
- insufficient engine oil will results extreme temperature inside the engine block which will cause the piston failure

but luckily, the cracked pistons didnt cause any damage to the cylinders. it helped me saves another thousand you know! haha

toyota 4agze supercharger piston
-with ceramic-coated on top of the piston head

the receipts (pistons, machine shop, labour)

The Overhaul

sounds creepy huh??

yeah it did happen to me as soon as i arrived at puchong from kuantan. the blue-coloured smoke from the muffler explained it all, it surely must be done. damn it!

no wonder the spark plugs are easily burnt since the broken piston rings let the engine oil to be burnt together with the mixture of petrol and air during the internal combustion. this will result the blue-coloured smoke.

here's the pictures!

It's not the same car

the repair cost really didn't match the quality of the workmanship.


a word which could best describes the workmanship....urghh!

Repair Works

hey guys, well it's been a while since the accident i guess...hehe

i'd love to share pictures of my car after the accident even though it's quite a long time ago, but please, have a look!